Lifetime Achievement Award


Lifetime Achievement Award goes to Leach

Fairfield resident Barney Leach was awarded the Lifetime Achievement Award at last week's Chamber of Commerce Banquet. Leach is pictured with (from left) Lisa Schick, Chamber Executive Director Brenda Pate, and Mary Small.
Photo by Shelly Pope

Peace and love abounded at last Thursday night’s annual Chamber of Commerce banquet where local businesses, teachers, and residents were awarded for various achievements. Taking home the well-deserved Lifetime Achievement Award was Fairfield weatherman Barney Leach.

Leach’s life is filled with amazing feats. He worked for NASA on the Apollo 11 moon landing and was selected as a team member to receive America’s highest civilian award, the Presidential Medal of Freedom Award, for his role in the Apollo 13 rescue. Leach also writes a monthly weather column for the local newspapers.


Kirgan earns Lifetime Achievement Award

Joe Lee Kirgan IV (right) awarded his grandfather, Joe Lee Kirgan, Jr. (left), with the Lifetime Achievement Award at last week's Fairfield Chamber of Commerce banquet.

Photo by April Walker

It was an emotional night for one family when their patriarch was awarded the Lifetime Achievement Award for his selfless contributions to this community. “He has impacted me more than he will ever take credit for and more than I can ever describe,” Joe Lee Kirgan IV said about his grandfather.

Joe Lee Kirgan, Jr. took home this prestigious award from last week's Chamber of Commerce Banquet for his work in journalism and various other roles in the community.

“He doesn't speak of his accomplishments or contributions, which goes to show how selfless and humble he is,” said Kirgan's grandson.

Kirgan, who owned and operated The Fairfield Recorder from 1960-1985, said he was totally shocked and humbled. “No way I expected it,” said Kirgan in a phone interview. “I am very proud and didn't feel like I deserved it.”

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