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Calpine donates to FCSO

Calpine Corporation donated $2,000 to Freestone County Sheriff’s Office Wednesday, Aug. 29, which Sheriff Jeremy Shipley says the department will use to buy two Tasers. “We have a couple of officers trained,” said Shipley. “We’ll be for sure buying two for those individuals.” Shipley said he would like to have four to six because “it’s important to have another non-lethal option.” Pictured from left are Deputy Devin Mowry, Calpine Plant Manager Ty Pate, Calpine Business Manager John Taylor, and Sheriff Jeremy Shipley.

Photo by April Walker


Donations given to FCSO

Sheriff Jeremy Shipley (far right) shows his appreciation to Modern Outfitters for their donation of patrol rifles. Deputy Scott Shaw (far left) and Rick Manning (left center), who was instrumental in the donation, are also pictured.
Courtesy photo

Freestone County Sheriff's Office has been busy this past month grabbing donations and awarding deputies. Recently, Fairfield resident Rick Manning and several business associates donated seven Modern Outfitter 300 Blackout rifles to the department. Commissioner's accepted the donation of guns – worth $6,371 – at the Feb. 14 meeting.

Sheriff Jeremy Shipley said Manning and the group have donated in the past to both Dallas SWAT and Las Vegas SWAT teams.

“These are very good looking guns,” said Shipley. “This will be a huge improvement over what we carry.”

Shipley has a description and serial numbers for each gun.

“Donations such as this allows our office and our county an opportunity to acquire needed equipment and be able to use our available funds in this year's budget on other equipment that is needed or needs to be upgraded,” said Shipley in a Facebook post.


New sheriff talks FCSO changes

Big changes are coming to the Freestone County Sheriff's Office (FCSO) under the direction of new Sheriff Jeremy Shipley. Shipley presented a revamped pay plan at the recent county meeting, which commissioner's tabled until Tuesday, Jan. 3. The new sheriff is asking to be allowed to allocate where the funds go in an effort to “combat a severely flawed pay scale” which has been causing problems for years. All of the money for salaries has already been budgeted for the FCSO in October 2016.

The first order of business is a pay reduction for Scott Shaw and Rich Howerton who are currently making what a lieutenant would make. Their salary will be reduced a total of $4,439. Shipley is also requesting the county recognize two sergeant positions – sergeant CID and sergeant patrol.

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