Bible Study Fellowship classes


Bible Study Fellowship classes planned

First Baptist Church of Fairfield is hosting Bible Study Fellowship classes from 9:30 to 11:30 a.m. each Thursday, beginning Sept. 13. Classes will continue through Thursday, May 2, with breaks for Thanksgiving, Christmas, and the school’s Spring Break (March 11-15 following the school schedule in Waco). Bible Study Fellowship is a non-denominational study of God’s Word with classes all over the world, each studying the same subject and passages through 29 lessons. Bible Study Fellowship – People of the Promised Lane Part 1 begins with Joshua and the conquering of the Promised Lane. Lessons for the year take us through 1 Kings 11 and the undivided kingdom of Israel. This study is in-depth using the Scripture as the primary source material. The BSF study method incorporates individual daily study with


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