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Prop A passes, re-elections abound

The 2018 Mid-Term Election is over and now the people of the country and affected counties will have to accept the voice of the people and move forward. In Freestone County, 55.14 percent of total voters turned out to the polls. According to the unofficial summary of the general election from Freestone County Court Clerk Linda Jarvis, only 6,592 of the 11,956 registered voters in Freestone County exercised their right to vote.


Freestone County coalition supports Prop A

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FAIRFIELD – Freestone County residents have formed a grassroots coalition to stop cities from forcibly annexing property. Freestone County resident coalition spokesman Ed O’Neill said his group is encouraging voters to support Proposition A on the November 6 ballot, which would change Freestone County to a Tier 2 county. Cities in Tier 2 counties must get approval from the impacted residents before they can annex property, according to the Texas Annexation Right to Vote passed in 2017 by the state Legislature. Freestone County is currently a Tier 1 county, which means cities can forcibly annex property, subjecting people to increased taxes and regulations.

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