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The Good Docs of San Antonio

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Early Texas doctors, as the old saying goes, buried their mistakes. But 19th century physicians were not without their skills. James H. Cook, for one, found himself badly in need of a doctor. A buffalo hunter and later cowboy, Cook and several of his colleagues encountered a party of hostile Indians somewhere in Southwest Texas. Cook did not know he and his friends had ridden into trouble until he heard someone fire a shot.

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The story of Sarah Creath

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Few Texas women ever lived a harder life than Sarah Creath McSherry Hibbens Stinnett Howard. A lady with true grit and more, the way she came by her long name is one of Texas' more gripping tales.

Born Sarah Creath on Jan. 7, 1810, in Jackson County, Illinois, she grew up on her prosperous family's large plantation. Described as "a beautiful blonde...graceful in manner and pure of heart," at only 17 Sarah married John McSherry, a hard-working Irishman.

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