Highway Bridge Program


Road closed for bridge repair

Construction crews began work on a bridge on County Road 961 near Teague last week. Pct. 4 Commissioner Clyde Ridge is a member of the Highway Bridge Program, sponsored through TxDOT, which helps counties rehabilitate older bridges.
Photo by April Walker

*UPDATE* Commissioner Ridge reported this morning that the road will be reopened either Thursday afternoon or Friday morning. "They've poured the concrete and now we're just waiting for it to dry," said Ridge. 


A bridge deemed unsafe by Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT) engineers is currently being renovated on the southern end of County Road 961 in Precinct 4. Commissioner Clyde Ridge, who is a member of the state’s Highway Bridge Program, is using his road and bridge budget wisely by fixing the older bridges in his area.

“I just feel like if I don’t do it – get the federal money – then someone else will,” said Ridge.

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