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County talks grants, agreements, High Speed Rail

Commissioner's signed a resolution against the High Speed Rail, something many other counties are reportedly also doing, at the court's Feb. 28 meeting. The resolution shows Freestone County's “intent to decline to discontinue, abandon, close, vacate, or alter a county road in connection with the proposed High Speed Rail Project.”

“All along they have told us they would not disturb any of our county roads,” said County Judge Linda Grant. “That's questionable to me. They are trying to say that they have eminent domain and what that would mean to us has yet to be defined.”

According to the project's Draft Environmental Impact Statement, the proposed route shows there will be at least eight country roads – state, farm to market, and private roads – in the rail's traveling area.


Rep. Byron Cook seeks AG opinion to defend private property rights

AUSTIN -- In an ongoing effort to protect Texas House District 8 and surrounding counties from the property takings by the proposed high speed rail, State Representative Byron Cook requested an attorney general's opinion, on June 10, 2016, to determine whether the Texas Central Railroad and Infrastructure, Inc. ("High Speed Rail") possesses the power of eminent domain to condemn property.
In the letter, which can be accessed on the link below, Cook remarks that, surveyors purporting to work for High Speed Rail have been approaching landowners in House District 8 requesting the right to survey the landowners’ properties for the purpose of planning, building, maintaining and operating an electric railroad. The basis for the request to survey is that High Speed Rail is purporting to have the power of eminent domain, therefore has the right to examine and survey property in anticipation of establishing a route and acquiring property to build the railroad.

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