Freestone County Jail


Jail Administrator placed on leave

Freestone County’s jail administrator has been placed on leave after an HR assessment found she is not licensed as a jailer, Sheriff Jeremy Shipley announced at last week’s commissioner’s meeting. Sheena Wimberly has been the jail administrator since Dec. 3, 2017. She is the third administrator since Shipley took office.

“It was an oversight on my part because TCOLE said I could designate anybody as a jail administrator,” Shipley explained.

“She didn’t work in the jail so I didn’t realize she had to have a jailer license.”


FCSO shows new uniforms

Freestone County Sheriff’s Office began donning new uniforms on May 14 in an effort to bring a more prideful and professional appearance, while carrying out duties to serve the citizens of Freestone County. “We would like to thank our county commissioner’s for their approval in our 2018 budget that provided financial assistance in purchasing these uniforms, as well as say thank you to several private donors and businesses who donated funds as well,” said Sheriff Jeremy Shipley. “We received numerous calls and comments from our citizens around the county this week that were very pleased with the new professional look. Things all around us are continuously changing and we hope to continue changing at the FCSO for the better.” Pictured is the full staff of FCSO led by Sheriff Shipley.

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