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Pizza for Lexie earns $1K

Lexie Neptune (bottom left) and her family were given $1,000 by Carter Enterprises after the Pizza for Lexie fundraiser received record attention in Fairfield. Lexie was diagnosed with a brain tumor in 2011 which hasn't responded well to treatments. Pictured with Lexie is Carrie Rose, community relations for Carter Enterprises; Anah, sister; and Sarah Neptune, mom.

Photo courtesy of Carrie Rose

The family of Lexie Neptune can consider themselves pretty blessed for a lot of things – the community in which they live, their families, and now a generous donation. The Neptune's last week received $1,000 from Carrie Rose, community relations for Carter Enterprises, to help with medical care for the cancer stricken tot.
Carter Enterprises, which owns the Pizza Hut chain, chose to donate 25 percent – or $1,000 – to the family for Pizza with Lexie.
After word got out about the fundraiser at Fairfield Pizza Hut, orders spread like wildfire. “We had a record day,” said Rose. “Total sales just for Lexie were $3,220, but total sales for the day were more than $6,000.”

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Great thing about my job: meeting interesting people

Several years ago, one of our nieces spent part of a day riding around with Life Mate Julie while she tracked down news. After a while she said “You have a great job; you get to get in everyone’s business and you get paid for it.”
Perhaps that’s how some people might see it, but one of the very best things about our business is the interesting people we get to meet. And, if we’re lucky, we get to know them well.
One of the first interesting and delightful people I met when I moved to Jasper was attorney Joe Tonahill.
Tonahill was a personal injury-trial attorney with quite the reputation for winning big sums of money for his clients. Most of his cases were of a personal injury nature.
Of course, I’d heard of him before we met. His time in the headlines had little to do with the majority of his cases. What got him the big headlines was a national trial.


Back the Blue at Guardian Home Health Care

Employees at Guardian Home Health Care celebrated law enforcement last week by wearing blue to work. Back the Blue is a new "holiday" stemming from recent police shootings. "Thank you to all the men and women of law enforcement for all you do," said Guardian workers. "We pray daily that you all make it home safely at the end of each and every shift.Thank You to all of the officers who sacrifice their lives each and everyday to keep us safe in the community."

Photo submitted by Kami Ward Matthews


Funny how life’s twists, turns shape attitudes, goals

Most of us are or have been dreamers. As youngsters, we see or read about successful, well-known people. Everyone says wonderful things about them, so we start developing our ideas about life’s journey based on those attitudes.


Left thumb looks almost normal, no questions now

You know how it is when you’re a kid — especially stinky little ol’ boys — and someone has something just a little different about them, little ol’ boys will tease the dickens out of the odd duck.

Being the oldest of four boys (three at the time of this story), I was charged with keeping an eye on the others. And, of course, it was your bound and duty to prevent any harm coming their way. Sort of like an Old West movie…protect the good guys from any and all harm.


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