Fairfield Recorder history


Now and Then

November 18, 1943

Ira’s – Banjo on my Knee starring Joel McCrea and Barbara Stanwyck; Law of the Northwest starring Charles Starrett and Shirley Patterson; It’s a Great Life starring Arthur Lake and Penny Singleton; Let’s Face It starring Bob Hope and Betty Hutton

Book Review – Mrs. Bowlen Bond will give a book review on “More Than Conquerors” at the First Baptist Church, Nov. 22, at 2 p.m. Members of all churches of Fairfield are invited to come and be with us.


Now and Then

July 22, 1943

Fifth Case Of Polio Develops East Of Fairfield – The 15-year-old son of Mr. and Mrs. J.E. Cox, living at the Humble Pump Station, nine miles east of Fairfield, was carried to a Dallas hospital, Sunday, and is pronounced to have infantile paralysis. This makes five recent cases to develop about nine miles east of Fairfield, two being at the pump station, two of the Bishop children and one Crouch child. All are being treated in hospital.

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