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Lawsuits, pleas continue between cities

In case No. CV18334, the City of Fairfield (CoF) filed a plea to the jurisdiction against a lawsuit filed against them by the City of Teague (CoT) back on Sept. 18, which was scheduled to be heard Wednesday, Nov. 28. However, the attorney for the CoT requested a continuance of the case Monday, Nov. 26.

Freestone County's 77th District Court Judge Patrick H. Simmons ruled in favor of the continuance for the CoT and will be heard on Wednesday, Jan. 30, 2019.


Joint meeting held, no action taken

Pictured are both Fairfield (right) and Teague (left) city councils at Thursday night's meeting to discuss the impending lawsuit filed by the City of Teague against the City of Fairfield. Heading the discussion meeting were Fairfield Mayor Kenny Hughes and Teague Mayor James Monks. The meeting was held at Tri-County Golf Club at the Vineyards.
Photo by Shelly Pope

Both Fairfield and Teague city councils met in a joint council meeting Thursday, Oct. 18, at the Tri-County Golf Club. This meeting was designed to open dialog between the two cities regarding the Texas Department of Criminal Justice Department (TDCJ) Boyd Unit and the Interlocal Definitive Agreement (IDA) signed by the two parties.

"We agreed to take part in a group discussion," Fairfield Mayor Kenny Hughes said. "We believe there have been some misunderstandings but we are in the process of litigation and I'm not sure what we can discuss openly."


Cities plan to meet

The Fairfield and Teague city councils will meet in a joint public meeting at 6 p.m. Thursday, Oct. 18, at the Tri-County Country Club to discuss pending litigation.

Fairfield city council met Tuesday, Oct. 9 to hear from city department heads.

Public Works Director Clyde Woods reported on issues regarding the Texas Department of Criminal Justice Boyd Unit water and wastewater facility over the holiday weekend.


Teague, Fairfield lawsuit update

The City of Teague, represented by the municipal law firm of Messer, Rockefeller & Fort PLLC, filed a lawsuit against the City of Fairfield Tuesday, Sept. 18 as well as a temporary restraining order against the Fairfield City Council meeting that was to take place that same evening.

This lawsuit has been filed in the District Court of Freestone County 87th Judicial District to be heard by District Court Judge Deborah Oakes Evans.

This suit spells out breaches in a 1990 facilities agreement and 1992 Interlocal Definitive Agreement (IDA) between the cities and the Texas Department of Criminal Justice.


CoT suing CoF

Messer, Rockefeller and Fort, PLLC, on behalf of the City of Teague, will file a lawsuit in Freestone County district court against the City of Fairfield for breaches of an interlocal agreement and facilities agreement between the cities regarding management of funds from the Texas Department of Criminal Justice (TDCJ), violations of the Texas Open Meetings Act, and for declaratory and injunctive relief.


City of Teague researches agreement with Fairfield

*The headline "Teague to end 30-year agreeement with Fairfield" in this week's Recorder was misleading. It should have read "City of Teague researches agreement with Fairfield."

Teague's Board of Alderman received information on April 16 from Teague City Administrator Theresa Prasil that City Attorney Linda Sjogren, attorney for Bojorquez Law Firm in Austin, wants to address the council to present them with a new Interlocal Definitive Agreement for Teague to step out of a new bond that the City of Fairfield wants to take out.


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