Calpine donates to organizations

Pictured is Calpine Plant Manager Ty Pate, PHCH Development Director Martha Thomassen, and Capine Business Manager John Taylor.

Calpine Freestone Energy Center made several donations totaling $21,500 last week to various organizations in Freestone County. Calpine Plant Manager Ty Pate and Calpine Business Manager John Taylor presented the donations. Accepting the $500 check for Fairfield Volunteer Fire Department was Chief Matt Foree. Martha Thomassen, Pleasant Hills Children’s Home development director, gratefully accepted a $20,000 donation to provide for the children. A $500 check was given to Freestone Cancer Support Group members. Accepting their check was Jane Morrison. Also pictured are (back row) John Fry and Spain Trask; (center) Diana Lewis and John Taylor; (front) Bettye Trask, Morrison, and Ty Pate. Southern Oaks Volunteer Fire Department Treasurer Bill Drozd and Asst. Fire Chief Tom Blake also accepted $500 from the two. Photos by April Walker and courtesy of John Taylor

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