Burl Harrison Tarrant death


Burl Harrison Tarrant

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Burl Harrison Tarrant

Burl Harrison Tarrant

June 23, 1950

April 23, 2018

Burl Harrison Tarrant, 67, passed away April 23, 2018 at Providence Hospital in Waco. He was born in Ft. Worth June 23, 1950. Who was he...Burl was a devoted son, a faithful brother, a loving husband, father, grandfather, and a loyal friend. Was he a saint? No, but in all things good in heart and in this world, he was. His love for his children and grandchildren filled his life. He was the kindest person; his ability to forgive was only exceeded by his compassion for others. When things went wrong he had an expression: “Oh well, that's life. Let's not agonize over things we can't change.”


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