Birthday Book Club


FIS birthday book club

August and September birthdays were celebrated at Fairfield Intermediate School with a special lunch and snacks in the library. Students' families donated a book to the library in honor of their birthday. Members celebrating this month are (back row) Ashton Sleziak, Jerry Draper, and Caleigh Taylor; (front row) Lillianne Poole, Mason Edwards, Zechariah Smith, Carolyn Dunlap, Kylee Silar, and Elizabeth Pillans. The Fairfield Intermediate School is grateful to these families for their donations.
Photo courtesy of Theresa Minze


FES book club celebrates summer birthdays

Fairfield Elementary School students had a big party in the library recently to celebrate its May and summer birthdays. Students from left to right, top to bottom are: Robbie Williams, Alaina Baker, Landon Cockrell, Jaevion McElroy, Austin Bitting, Jesus Pina, Walker Scherer, Blake Brackens, Bryson Myers, Davie Pickens, Sydney Martin, Hadlie Morrison, Madyn Mitchael, Ruby Rodriguez, Chrystal Rodriguez, and Logan Williams. Not pictured are Mika Taffola and Hudson Little.

Photo submitted by Betsy Monico

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