Membership in the ‘Old Coots’ is distinct honor for me

There are a number of advantages to growing older.
One, of course, is that you are indeed growing older.
And, as I always say: “Beats the heck out of the alternative.”
Another “advantage” to me is being a proud member of the Old Coots, but as a mere 70ish guy, I’m still a “fresh young whippersnapper” to the more seasoned of that erstwhile group.
One of the privileges, however, is particularly useful to those who pen a column: “That reminds me of the time…”
Not long ago, I was talking to Rebecca Toney Hutchinson about one of the newspapers she edits, The Gulf Coast Tribune in Needville, and that triggered that Old Coot handle in my mind.
Those Needville memories involve my days as a college student at then-Sam Houston State Teachers College in


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