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Dear editor,

I just went before the Highway Robbery Board to protest royalty values that were 300 to 800 percent higher than last year. After losing revenue from the closing of Big Brown, I suspected that landowners and royalty owners would get evaluations raised. I was right, but I did not expect them to “gouge” us this bad. One proposed value on an old dilapidated well went from $2,590 to $11,000 – nearly four times what it was last year. The gas under my property last year has not gone up in value 300 to 800 percent, nor will price or production go up that much in the near future. Our “heyday” is over! I did succeed in getting the 800 percent increase lowered, but increases of 300 to 600 percent were deemed OK, which was HIGHWAY ROBBERY. Would anyone care to join me in a Class Action suit to force changes in the way royalties are appraised? We need more FAIRNESS in our appraisal services.

Barbara Fryer Price

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