Letter to the editor

Dear editor,

I believe that last Tuesday night's city council meeting was the biggest pony show I think the Mayor and City Administrator have ever come up with. It started at 6 p.m. and I understand it adjourned at 11:45 p.m. I truly think the reason they put so many things on the agenda was so they could wear out everyone there. I feel like they have tried to come up with everything they could to stop the forensic audit. I am so thankful we have three City Councilmen who are not going to give in to what the cartel is wanting them to do. I understand when they came out of a very lengthy executive session they voted to let the cartel go to the aviation conference. I understand that Fairfield will foot the bill for four members of the cartel to go to Galveston Island. I cannot see these four people thinking that we can get an airport. With the plant closing on Feb. 12, I feel like we need to be trying to spend what little money is left to create jobs for our citizens who have lost theirs. I feel like the cartel is not truly concerned about the people in our town. I was told that all five city councilmen voted for the forensic audit. I find it very surprising that Mayor Pro-Tem voted for the forensic audit when I saw him at the last city council meeting getting so angry about wanting a forensic audit. That tells me he would do whatever it takes to get re-elected. I have not had one person tell me they did not think we needed a forensic audit. I truly believe the cartel has a very good reason for not wanting a forensic audit. My Bible says the truth will set you free and it also says it will not put you under bondage. I also understand that the council voted to pay $1,000 per month to have a market on the square. The Chamber of Commerce has tried this five or six times. They figure out that weather conditions stops having the Square Affair. You can hear all kinds of excuses for not having a Square Affair. I feel like we have an outstanding place for a market at the W.L. Moody Reunion Grounds. It has electricity, water, bathrooms, sheds, plenty of parking and a large building for vendors as well as customers. I feel like....why do we want to scrunch up everyone at the courthouse square for one day? I have been wondering what the city administrator is going to do when this nine year vacation is over. I truly hope and pray the fine citizens of Fairfield will get out and vote to save our town before it's too late.

To Be Continued,

Jesse Jones, Fairfield

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