Letter to the editor

Dear editor,

After I had been to several city council meetings and city workshops, I have come to realize what kind of shape our city has gotten into. Trustworthy and honesty have gone out the window in my opinion. On Jan. 22 there was a workshop on Market Days. We were told by the Mayor that my wife and I would be in executive session with the city council. This lie never happened. We were called back in the council room to get the Mayor's decision. We were told that on Wednesday the Mayor and City Administrator would meet with my wife to discuss what they were going to do about Market Days. In this meeting was the City Administrator and one city councilman. She [my wife] was presented with a contract and they wanted her to sign. My wife received a call from one of the workers at the City Park to tell her what her job duties were for Market Days. It is a slam to think that we have a City Administrator who cannot tell my wife what her duties would be. If any city citizen would like to see the contract and the work sheet duties, you can contact me and I will show you. These documents will show you that she was not able physically to do what the City Administrator was demanding of her. It is my opinion that the Mayor, Mayor Pro-Tem, one City Councilman, and City Administrator do not like me printing letters about the truth about things going on at City Hall.



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