Letter to the editor

Dear editor,

Last Monday night the Mayor had called for another one of his famous workshops which, in my opinion, it was another one of the Mayor's pony shows. It is my understanding that it is illegal to go into executive session in a workshop. In this meeting, the City Administrator called the vendors at Market Days trashy. There were 12 to 15 Market Days vendors in the audience. The City Administrator did not know my youngest daughter was in the meeting. After she addressed this with the City Administrator, he came up to her and tried to tell her that is not what he meant, which everyone in the room heard what he said. When he did not have any luck convincing her of this, he started slandering me to a person he didn't know. After all the City Council meetings I have been to, I have come to realize that the Mayor and City Administrator will do things that are not legal or ethical to do. It is my understanding that the Mayor, City Administrator, Mayor Pro Tem, and one city councilman are not for a forensic audit. I would like to know if they are hiding something. I HAVE MY OWN OPINION ABOUT THIS. There is an old saying that you have no idea how many rats are in the barn until the barn is on fire, then you see how many rats run out. I am one of the trashy vendors at the Market that the City Administrator was talking about. I DO NOT CONSIDER MYSELF OR ANY OF THE OTHER VENDORS TRASHY!

To be continued,

Jesse Jones

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