Letter to the editor

Dear editor,

I could not believe when I got the figures of how much money the City Administrator spent on the courthouse square for the Christmas celebration. $11,000 on an ice skating rink, kiddy rides $2,400, jugglers on site $2,800, Santa Claus $750, music $600, face painting $600, advertising $4,000, prizes and give-a-ways $5,000, and Holiday Small Business Saturday $2,500. THIS TOTALED $29,650. They also wanted an additional $7,000 to blow snow on the courthouse lawn. Thank God our City Council would not allow that. That would have brought the TOTAL TO $36,650. I feel like there is something wrong with this picture! I find it very hard to believe that the City Administrator has not gotten the news that on February 12, 2018 the power plant will no longer be generating electricity. I have also heard that 300 plus people will be losing their jobs. It will have a large impact on our town. I feel like the City Administrator should be helping generate businesses to help the income to our town, not wasteful spending of $29,650 on the courthouse square. What kind of return do you think spending this large amount of money will come back to our town? I think 0 returns. At the last City Council meeting the City Administrator put on the agenda to shut down Market Days. This tells me that the City Administrator is not for Fairfield. I cannot believe that the City Administrator would shut down 20 plus small businesses in our town. Each month Market Days puts heads in beds in three to nine rooms. These vendors do not bring a sandwich when they come to spend at least two nights in our motels. They eat in our restaurants and buy our gas and shop in our shops.

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