Not ashamed to provide for those who deserve it for job they’re expected to do for us

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For years Freestone County has dealt with the issue of expecting a certain standard, but not wanting to pay the appropriate price to those who try to provide that expected standard. Unfortunately, for myself, my staff, and all the county employees, many of which are, or were, new hires, years and years of previous issues and financial neglect for employees has come to a head and we are left to try and correct yet another problem that we have inherited.

Eighteen years ago I hired on at $27,000 a year. Eighteen years later our county is still trying to pay $26,000 for employees. I am extremely hopeful that our commissioners will take a long look and make careful considerations while determining a more appropriate salary base and competitive wage for ALL of our employees at the Sheriff’s Office.

The Freestone County Sheriff’s Office is one of the, if not the, most important aspects we have in the entire county of Freestone. We have to be provided the funding in order to hire and retain the right employees that can and will live up to the standards that our citizens expect and I, as the Sheriff, expect.



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