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Dear editor,

Several people who have responded to my letter last week, have asked the same questions which I would like to pass on to your readers. Namely, why hasn’t the city seriously addressed the water run-off problem instead of just dumping more dirt/asphalt in the back and painting the police department wall with tar? I’m beginning to wonder if this is a problem City Hall doesn’t want fixed. The second comment I heard the most is – “If the old telephone building is such a good buy, where are the facts and figures, pros and cons?” This is like being asked to buy a “pig in a poke.” This decision should not be left to the Council alo9ne. The community needs all the information available (including options) and the matter be placed on the May ballot. Do any of you recall a quote we all learned in school? “No taxation without representation!” 

Jo Olive Turner, Fairfield

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