Four hours for 23 minutes

Fairfield Police Sgt. David Utsey has been named interim police chief as of Tuesday, Dec. 11, at $30 per hour and city council members approved the placing of a formal ad to replace retired police chief Kenny Bulger. There were three items on the new business agenda for the council Tuesday night, yet two of them were removed from the agenda because the individuals referencing these items were unavailable at the time of the meeting.

The third item was a discussion and possible action on a report from Contract Service Innovations LLC regarding the final report on the internal audit of the Fairfield Police Department. Mike Alexander with Contract Service Innovations LLC requested this item.

The item was moved into executive session, by request of Alexander, yet the Open Meetings Act Code used to move this item was Chapter 551.074, which deals with personnel matters. The moving of this item to executive session under this chapter is a violation of the Open Meetings Act.

According to the Open Meetings Handbook 2018, Section 551.074 authorizes certain deliberations about officers and employees of the governmental body to be held in executive session: Subsection A: This chapter does not require a governmental body to conduct an open meeting: (1) to deliberate the


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