Lawsuits, pleas continue between cities

In case No. CV18334, the City of Fairfield (CoF) filed a plea to the jurisdiction against a lawsuit filed against them by the City of Teague (CoT) back on Sept. 18, which was scheduled to be heard Wednesday, Nov. 28. However, the attorney for the CoT requested a continuance of the case Monday, Nov. 26.

Freestone County's 77th District Court Judge Patrick H. Simmons ruled in favor of the continuance for the CoT and will be heard on Wednesday, Jan. 30, 2019.

"This was a ruling in our favor since it was not a dismissal," Teague City Administrator Theresa Prasil said. "We will be ready Jan. 30. This plea is saying we do not have the right to sue them. The judge continued it in order for us to gather case law to fight this plea."

When asked about the ruling, Fairfield City Councilman Jason Bosley said, "I don't know anything about the hearing. Our mayor is keeping everything to himself and there is no information being passed on to the council members."

According to an article written by Wm. Andrew


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