Commissioners canvass votes, find discrepancy

After finding a small discrepancy between the number of total ballots cast and the number of provisional, or paper, ballots while canvassing, County Judge Linda Grant asked County Clerk Linda Jarvis to have a representative call the court.

Jarvis said the ballot board manually tallied the provisional ballots.

“They [the voter] may have made a mark or left it blank and because they [the ballot board] doesn’t know what was intended they [the ballot board] put marks for all the overvotes,” Jarvis explained. “That is their explanation of how they make the choice, what the voter intended.”

Grant totaled the votes herself based on the report provided and said her total was “close to what’s on this [report].”

“It’s hard to match these together because when you look at these the judges each write them down differently.”

The election department has a newly updated software, but one of the oldest systems. She said the county needs to update the system.

“We have got to update the system, but it’s thousands of dollars. There was a lot of trouble that night [election night] with the system reading the cards,” Jarvis said. “The specialty people were on the phone with the election clerks and still couldn’t figure out why the cards couldn’t be read. They are investigating.”

But Jarvis said in the end she feels like each ballot was summarized correctly. Of the 11,956 registered voters in the county only 6,592 ballots were cast.


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