Prop A passes, re-elections abound

The 2018 Mid-Term Election is over and now the people of the country and affected counties will have to accept the voice of the people and move forward. In Freestone County, 55.14 percent of total voters turned out to the polls. According to the unofficial summary of the general election from Freestone County Court Clerk Linda Jarvis, only 6,592 of the 11,956 registered voters in Freestone County exercised their right to vote.

With all of the precincts counted, 3,323 (80.34 percent) of voters checked the box for a straight Republican ticket and 796 (19.25 percent) went with a straight Democrat ticket and 17 Libertarian voters. Local results in the contested races were Debra L. Hamilton, with 1,163 (79.93 percent) of the vote for her remaining Pct. 2 Justice of the Peace. Hamilton's opponent, Pam Whitt, brought in 292 of the opposing votes for this race. The other hot ticket item for this election was Proposition A, which was aimed at changing Freestone County from a Tier 1 county status to Tier 2 county status for purposes of municipal annexation as described by Chapter 43 of the Texas Local Government Code. The votes for this proposition were strongly in favor of this with 4,632 (79.25 percent) of the vote and 1,213 going against the proposition.

“The voters of Freestone County spoke in a loud and clear voice to stop forced annexation and speaking out for a very much-needed change, not only in the county but what other counties in the state should do,” said Mark Berend, one of the founders of the campaign. “Thanks for your vote and restoring


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