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Dear editor,

My uncle is head of the family, and we are blessed to have a very large ranch and have had it for several generations, fighting off Comanche’s, Mexican bandits, outlaws, rustlers, etc. in the early days. Many of my ancestors are buried in this soil; so, I have a special connection to it. Much of the land was homesteaded or claimed by right of possession, defended until later recorded in deeds at the courthouses (multiple counties). After 1900 when time and finances permitted, the land was surveyed, fenced and cross-fenced, wells dug, and many other improvements made. It is ours by right. My own 15 acres here in Wildwood are likewise mine, surveyed, fenced, and legally titled to me. In the past decades I made multiple improvements to it at some expense and sacrifice. It’s a beautiful place, attractive to many people. If I invite people to my place for a meal or a visit, they are welcome, but when I have a barbecue for my family and friends, uninvited guests are not welcome. They are trespassing and break the law to come onto my land. I do not fault anyone who would wish to be here for a wonderful barbecue and good time. BUT, I have rights to this land, and they do not. I would keep them out of my gate the best way I could. As much as they might be hungry, they have NO RIGHT to my land and food and hospitality. We have


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