Ghost stories to welcome Halloween

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The following stories were found on the Texas Genealogy website for Freestone County. Written by former sheriff Sonny Sessions, the spooky stories are based on tales from residents in Fairfield, Teague, Kirvin, and Donie.

Fairfield ghost tales

By the looks of it Fairfield appears like your common town, but this town has menacing enigmas masked in the darkness. The undeceased are here in this town as the people who live here will inform you. Not everyone trusts in the testimonies the people here will tell, but the undeceased may show themselves to you if you stay for the night in Fairfield. These are some of the spooky things that have happened here recently. The ghost of a young looking Air Force pilot emerged hauling a dead body across the dirt in the Fairfield arena late in the night. When the phantom was perceived it faded away into the air. A young girl wearing a bloody dress was distinguished cutting grass in the side yard of a home in Fairfield. The ghost was gobbled up by the air after being seen. One of the locals determinedly claims that this ghost is that of a local resident who had a home here in Fairfield before the present. In any case, this phantom certainly is creepy; one that is better not interrupted. A lady with a sea green face was observed by an old man camping at a campground next to Fairfield. Regardless of what, this is a horrible ghost that you would not want to meet late in the night. A guy having a sword in his head has been repeatedly spotted at the stroke of midnight drifting by on Cedar Creek. It has been asserted that this particular ghost could be the soul of a local resident who died here in Fairfield in the past. The ghost of a mail carrier is frequently seen at Richland Lake dam before sunrise looking for a picture. A female character is rumored to have been observed on many occasions sitting on a bean bag in a house in Fairfield. One thing is for sure, it’s a chilling phantom that any rational person wouldn’t want to bump into. The phantom of a guy hauling a sword may frequently be witnessed smoking a pipe in Fairfield Lake State Park quite near the ranger station. Based on what the locals argue, this ghost may well be a renowned past resident of Fairfield. Nonetheless, it unquestionably is a bloodcurdling phantom that should be left alone. The spirit of a woman with names carved into her head may be perceived frequently converting into thin air beneath a streetlamp in Fairfield. Scores of people who live here allege this ghost is possibly the undeceased ghost of a resident who used to live in Fairfield. I don’t think I ever heard of any of the above and would like any information on these or others.

Teague ghost tales

This is from the computer: I was staying with a friend when I was 14, I am 31 now. This is something I will never forget. I was up late watching TV in the upstairs game room and looked over to the door because I could feel something looking at me. I saw the transparent vision of a Civil War soldier. It was leaning on the door jam


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