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To the citizens of Freestone County,

Let me start by expressing our gratitude for all of the prayers, food, flowers, cards, calls, and charitable donations. You folks are truly amazing! We were very impressed with the funeral services last Saturday afternoon and truly appreciate all who took the time out of their day to appear and give tribute to our son. We have never, in our lives, felt such an outpouring of support and love from Freestone County for one child, our Case Robinson. Starting on the morning of Sunday, the 2nd, the date of the tragic accident, the social media world literally blew up and stayed that way, the prayer requests and responses were overwhelming and have continued to this day. The prayers and vigils seem to continue almost daily. Still, a week after Case’s untimely death, people are making comments. We ask ourselves “why?” Why for our child? Others have died at younger ages, in more horrible accidents, and some with horrible diseases. Case was a typical 11 year old with his positive and negative attributes. Like most children at that age, he got along well with everyone. He never met a stranger. Like most children, he loved sports and video games and playing with friends. Like most, he publicly did not “like,” but privately, “loved” school. So again, why all this for “our” Case. Could it be that it is a time for our county to return to more of an age of innocence? Could it be that we all are sick and tired of the literal garbage spewed forth from television shows and news channels and desire and need a time of realism? Could it be that we all wish that we still had some of the innocence of youth instead of the pessimism, untrustworthiness and hatred brought on by adulthood? Could it be that we all long for a simpler and gentler time? Maybe, just maybe, we can all learn something positive from this tragedy. Maybe we can learn to be better parents and have more positive influences on our children. Maybe we can be better friends, neighbors, and better co-workers.


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