1943-44 Term of Dew-Lanely School Opened Sept. 13

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In October, almost seventy-three years ago, the first school opened at the present site of Dew, in a little hewn, log house, with split log benches and no desks. Among the first teachers were Miss Molly Ruff and Mr. Thyman, with a teacher load of twenty-five pupils this being the largest number of pupils attending school at this time. The opening of the Dew School this year was quite different. With a faculty of six teachers and an enrollment of one hundred and sixty pupils. Dew has one of the most modern schools in Freestone County. A beautiful main building of rock equipped with all modern equipment Science room, library, six class rooms, and an auditorium with a seating capacity of three hundred. On the school campus we have a teacherage and a lunch room equipped to serve hot lunches to the children in cold weather. Our faculty consists of Mr. Gibson, superintendent; Mrs. B.B. Black, principal; Mrs. Modene Whitaker, seventh and eighth grades; Mrs. Bess Clark, fifth and sixth; Mrs. Grace Gibson, third and fourth; and Miss Mattie Anderson, first and second. Mr. and Mrs. Gibson come to us from Freestone. Mr. Gibson comes highly recommended and Mrs. Gibson is one of Freestone County’s most efficient primary teachers. The Dew school last year lacked only fifteen points of winning the entire number of points given to state aid schools. We lacked the visual aid teaching, and are in position to gain those fifteen points, if we can locate a machine. Dew had its beginning many years ago when the two Philpott brothers, “Major” Blaine, “Judge” Compton, and “Major” High, bought the Durham Avant Survey, divided it into five parts and threw lots for their share. Our citizens of today point with pride to these men as our community forerunners, for they were educated men of high moral integrity, and Christian character. They have left a legacy of high ideals as our community’s standard. These men with a few other early settlers remained large land holders, and thus settlement came slowly in this immediate vicinity. The early settlers used Harrison’s Chapel for their place of worship, and educational purposes. In 1870, the community had developed enough to need a nearer place in which to worship, thus the church at Dew known as the Sunshine Methodist Church came into being, with Brother S.C. Littlepage as the first preacher. Thus religion is placed as the first community interest and thus it remains today. In 1896, the Baptist Church was organized. The first preaching being by Missionary Willingham. Brother George White’s name comes to us synonymously with that of this Church, for it is largely through his work and influence that the church grew. The P.T.A. of the Dew-Lanely School was among the first to be organized and one of the strongest organizations in the County. Mrs. Oscar Johnson was our first president and under her leadership we accomplished many things. Because of gas rationing our


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