CoF budget workshops begin

After many problems with the current air conditioning unit, the Fairfield Volunteer Fire Department will finally feel some cool air in the station. During a short meeting Wednesday, Aug. 1, Fairfield council members officially approved a bid from Wortham A/C for $4,695 to replace the air conditioning unit for the FVFD Fire Station. “Last Saturday the unit went out completely,” FVFD Fire Chief Mike Foree said. “We had a fire and came back to a station house with no air conditioning.”

Foree explained the average temperature in the station has been approximately 90 degrees. “I still have some guys that tough it out in there and get things done,” Foree said. “But they could easily suffer a heat stroke going in there after dealing with a fire.” The council had approved the emergency replacement of the air conditioning unit and made it official during Wednesday night’s meeting. Foree was the first to present his budget to the council in this first budget workshop. The main additions requested for the FVFD budget was a minimal part-time salary for a fire marshal/investigator and a new ladder truck. “It would be a good idea to have an investigator on staff to investigate fires more quickly than calling a state investigator,” Foree said. “This will also help with our ISO inspections having someone on staff is a bonus in that area.” This individual must be certified as an investigator and peace officer and fire marshal. In conversation with council members it is determined that Foree is already certified in all areas needed for this part-time position. The preliminary consensus for this is for Foree to put a dollar amount to this budget item and resubmit in another workshop meeting. The other item is a new ladder truck in the amount of $750,000. “The ladder truck we have now is 19 years old and we are having hydraulic failures,” Foree said. “We have listed the current truck for sale at $195,000 and have had a few bites and even an offer for $190,000.” As the budget sits now


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