Bosley takes empty council seat

Fairfield Mayor Kenny Hughes, right, administers the oath of office to newly appointed City Council member Jason Bosley Tuesday, July 24, during the regular meeting of the Fairfield City Council.
Photo by Shelly Pope

Fairfield resident Jason Bosley was appointed to the empty seat at the table Tuesday, July 24, by the Fairfield City Council. The council met Tuesday evening in a regular scheduled meeting to take nominations and hear about three bids to replace air conditioning in the Fairfield Volunteer Fire Department. Interested citizens for the position on the council were Gary Toothman, Sissy Ivy, and Bosley. Each individual had an opportunity to introduce themselves and answer questions from the council. Toothman, retiree and former council alderman said, “I would like to help make Fairfield the best it can be. We are the county seat and we need to take advantage of that.” He continued with the fact that he has served on the council before and knows just how much work it can be. Ivy introduced herself as a resident rooted in the community. “I love Fairfield and the people,” she said. “I care about our city, we need to make good solid decisions and make Fairfield the vibrant city we all know it can be.” Bosley grew up in Fairfield, but finished high school in Wortham. He and his family are settled in Fairfield and he owns an insurance business he runs from his home. “Service is in my heart,” he said. “I want the opportunity to serve my city and community and work to make it something we can all be proud of.” Toothman garnered the first nomination by Place 1 Councilman James Tyus with Place 4 Councilman Landis Bayless seconding the nomination. The vote came down to two for and two against with Mayor Kenny Hughes breaking the tie. “I know Gary to be a good man and know he would serve the community well,” Hughes said. “I have made promises to try to get some diversity on this council and would like to see a woman on this council so I will have to vote no.”


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