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Dear editor,

This letter is in response to the article, “Both Sides of Annexation.” This issue is not all about annexation. It isn’t about fire hydrants, waste water services, police protection, tax collection, road maintenance, or even growing the city. Those are really arguments unto themselves. It is more about democracy, freedom of choice, and citizen rights. It is about governments forcing targeted neighborhoods into the city limits. It is about forcing neighborhoods to accept and abide by rules, policies, and regulations that they never voted for. It is about taxation without representation. It is about being represented by elected officials that no one in those neighborhoods voted for. It is about taking away the right of residents to live in the jurisdiction where they chose to live. In short, it is about a government entity wielding power over people without restraint. For over 120 years Texans have endured cities extending their borders without their voices being heard. Over 200 years ago, our founders realized that people have certain rights, chief among them, the right to life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness. The American Revolution was fought to establish these rights. Not long after that Texans fought a war of independence over the same issues. In 2017 a war of sorts was fought in the Texas Legislature over the rights of citizens to have a voice when it came to annexation issues. In the end the Texas Legislature passed “The Texas Annexation Right to Vote Act” that recognizes the right of the people to vote whether cities can annex their neighborhoods without restraint.


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