Public meeting planned Tues.

A public information meeting is slated for Fairfield residents after testing showed "low concentrations of dry cleaning solvents in groundwater believed to originate from a former dry cleaner business" near Fairfield property at 402-418 E. Commerce Street in Fairfield. The meeting is slated for 6 p.m. Tuesday, May 1, at the Community Center in Fairfield.

Michael Whitehead, of Whitehead Environmental Services, says this is not uncommon. "It's very common in Dallas, Houston," he said. "There have been thousands of these in Texas. It's been there for years and nobody knew."

Whitehead also said the solvents are not in the drinking water. "It's just in the groundwater, which is about 200 feet deep. This meeting is just to get to the next stage of the process for TCEQ to come in and they will decide if it's any hazard."

According to the TCEQ website, "an MSD is an official state designation given to property within a municipality or its extraterritorial jurisdiction that certifies that designated groundwater at the property is not used as potable water, and is prohibited from future use as potable water because that groundwater is contaminated in excess of the applicable potable-water protective concentration level. The prohibition must be in the form of a city ordinance, or a restrictive covenant that is enforceable by the city and filed in the property records."

Whitehead and his partner, Frank Clarke, believe former dry cleaners sat where Three Peaches is now, but were unable to confirm that because of lost city records. They believe the dry cleaning business was there anywhere from the 1940s to the 1960s.


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