Letter to the editor

Dear editor,

At last Tuesday night's council meeting all four City Councilmen voted not to accept the bond issue that the City Administrator had put together for them. As usual, the Mayor Pro-Tem went along with the City Administrator on trying to get the council to borrow $2.5 million. I truly believe the City Administrator and Mayor Pro-Tem do not have a conservative bone in their whole body. I truly hope the voters come May 5 really look hard at the liberal Mayor Pro-Tem. I truly believe if we don't get a handle on the City Administrator and the Mayor Pro-Tem; they are heading us toward bankruptcy. I was told last Wednesday morning that the City Administrator went ignorant again. I was told he was screaming and hollering and acting very ignorant toward our City Secretary. I was also told that he was blaming her for what had come out in the City Council meeting the night before. I do not feel like with the back injury she has it was justified for him to act very ignorant toward her. This lady is scheduled for back surgery this week. I truly feel like if the City Administrator was showing up and working like we pay him a tremendous salary to do, he would know what came out at the council meeting. I was also told that he was so angry at the secretary that the public works director had to get him in his truck and ride him around town to get him cooled off.


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