Letter to the editor

Dear editor,

Last Tuesday night at the city council meeting, it showed me that the Cartel came up with wanting to borrow $2.5 million to repair some streets and to pave five streets. I also received a call from a City Councilman that is opposed to doing this. He was telling me that the cartel is wanting to add $1.2 million to this bond to build a new city hall. If you add these together, you come up with $3.7 million they are wanting to borrow. We have an old bond payment of $175,000 per year. The City Administrator said that our street department spends $200,000 at this time. If we do this, that leaves no money to repair the rest of the streets. I cannot believe the thinking of the City Administrator, Mayor Pro-Tem, and Councilman Place 4. I just wonder if while they were on Galveston Island they came up with this. I truly believe that these three have not heard the power plant closed on Feb. 12 of this year. It looks to me that they would be more concerned about saving our money to see what the impact the plant closing is going to have on our city. The Mayor was not present to conduct this City Council meeting. I asked a City Councilman where the Mayor was. He informed me the Mayor told him he was going to help a good lawyer friend of his to help Stormy Daniels on the suit against the President of the United States. When the Mayor Pro-Tem was conducting this meeting I heard him say a couple of times that borrowing this money was a no brainer. If the City Council goes along with the Mayor Pro-Tem, at the end of the 20 years the Mayor Pro-Tem will be 108 years old. I do not like driving on streets that are in the condition of Fairfield streets.


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