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Dear editor,

Last Thursday night I was out of town and was not able to attend the called session of the City Council meeting.

I understand, from talking to people, that it was another nearly four hour pony show that the mayor put in place.

I understand that over three hours of this meeting was in executive session.

If the Mayor and City Administrator would look in the TML rule book I truly believe that the things going on behind closed doors are against the rules.

I really don’t feel like they ever look in the book.

I wished that the Mayor would take in consideration the people who are connected to our City.

I have noticed in the long meetings that it appears to me that the 88-year-old City Councilman is worn out.

I can see the fatigue on his face.

What I have to say to the Mayor is shame...shame..shame on you.

I have also been informed that the two City Councilmen and the City Administrator did not give a report on the Aviation Conference.

I was also told that one of the City Councilmen came back with a sunburn.

I was under the impression that the Aviation Conference was in the Moody Center.

I just wonder what they did while they were on Galveston Island.

I was under the impression that the City of Fairfield paid for this trip and what did the City get out of it?

I truly feel like this trip was to keep our foot in the door with TxDOT, which I cannot see that we have the money for an airport or that we have need of an airport.

I feel like the City Administrator, Mayor Pro-Tem, and City Councilman Place Four should be spending our money finding economic impact and jobs for the people that have lost their jobs at the plant.

I feel like we are in very critical economic conditions in the City of Fairfield.

To be continued,

Jesse Jones, Fairfield

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