Letter to the editor

Dear editor,

Last Tuesday’s nights City Council meeting I think it was the best pony show that the Mayor has come up with in a long time. It was very obvious to me that the Mayor voiced his opinion about having Market Days on the square. He said to a lady who wanted to get Market Days on the square and have it on the third Saturday that if he could he would vote for her that night. Last Thursday night while we were in Canton for First Monday Trade Days, I received a call from a person who told me they had talked to this lady and she was told by the City Administrator that she would be paid $1,500 per month for a one day Market Days on the square. I can’t see where the City Administrator is coming from. I can show where the City Administrator and Mayor have backed the Chamber of Commerce with thousands and hundreds of thousands of dollars that have been spent in the last four or five years with nearly no return back to the City. I feel like with the plant closing that we need to watch our money to the best of our ability. It has been brought to my attention that the City Administrator and City Councilman Place 4 had a meeting with my wife (who was the Market Days Director) and it was considered to be an executive session item. If that be the case it was not posted. My wife has been working as the Market Days Director for about four years without a contract and when I started telling the truth with my letters to the editor, this contract the City Administrator came up with trying to stop me from telling the truth about what is going on at City Hall. One month before this meeting we had 16 vendors. When the City Administrator took it over, it went down to six vendors. He also had three city employees paying a lot of overtime to them. I feel like after the City Administrator has made such a big mess with Market Days the City does not need to put any of our money into any of the City Administrator’s ideas. I feel like Market Days needs to be trashed and I feel like we need to save that money. I also feel like the quicker we get this forensic audit done the sooner the city will be headed in the right direction.

To be continued,

Jesse Jones, Fairfield

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