Letter to the editor

Dear editor,

Last Tuesday night I saw another one of the mayor's pony shows. I find it so hard to figure out why they are so opposed to the betterment of our City. I have heard every excuse that the cartel has come up with to not do the forensic audit. I also witnessed the Mayor Pro-Tem get very angry about the forensic audit. I think I know the reason. I have copies of the handwritten city check that was paid for repairs to the City Administrator's truck. I feel like the reason they did not put the check through the computer was that no one would ever see it. I truly feel like they would have gotten by with it if the City Administrator had not gone out to the repair shop and acted like an idiot with the three ladies who work there because they wanted him to pay for the repairs before releasing his truck. When I went to talk to the Mayor Pro-Tem and the City Administrator I asked both of them what else have they done with out money. Both men assured me that was the only thing they had done. I cannot figure out why they are so opposed to a forensic audit. Saturday afternoon I was sitting in my chair watching the American Rodeo. When my phone rang it was an ex-city councilman calling to try and convince me that we needed an airport. In that part of the conversation he assured me he knew what to do to not make the airport cost any money. The next topic was to convince me that the city did not have the money for a forensic audit. What puzzles me is to think that the city has all this money for hundreds of thousands of dollars to build an airport.



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