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Dear editor,

This has been a very productive weekend for the City of Fairfield. We have three City Councilmen who have put the forensic audit on the agenda for Tuesday night. I feel like this is the start of getting the swamp drained in the City of Fairfield. All I have to say about it is trees are falling – watch out for those falling limbs. Friday at 5 p.m. was the deadline for registering for city offices. I feel like we have got one of our problems solved and I feel like we have three more problems that have to go away. After going to as many City Council meetings has I have, I feel like the mayor, mayor pro-tem, one city councilman and the city administrator have been a mill stone around the city's neck. The voters in this city election have the opportunity to drain the swamp once and forever. I have observed thousands and thousands and hundreds of thousands of our city money being very loosely spent. I feel like we need a new face in place one. I feel like the Mayor Pro-Tem in place one is not looking out for the best for Fairfield. I feel like he votes on the ideas of the City Administrator. I don't feel like he votes for the best interest of Fairfield. I feel like place two votes for the best of our town. I feel like a new face in the mayor's place is a good thing.



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