Freestone County makes headlines in 1887

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Fairfield Recorder newspaper – Sept. 2, 1887 edition
Mad Dogs
A dog belonging to Mr. J.I. Bonner, of our town, showed signs of hydrophobia Tuesday going about town biting every dog that came its way. It was decided that he was mad and the doctor had him and another valuable dog killed at once. For fear of a sad accident, let everyone watch his dogs carefully for two or three weeks; and where a dog is known to have been bitten, it ought to be promptly killed. Dogs are much valued sometimes, but the risk is too great to always wait and see if the bitten dogs become diseased. Dogs have been known to go mad a month after they were bit, that is, after they had been turned loose after they had been tied or kept confined. The first premonitory signs of rabies, we believe, are the emitting of a frothy slobber from the mouth, a disposition to be restless, and then snapping at everything in its way.
The Dallas Weekly Herald – January 13, 1877
TEXAS has the railroad mania, the State is being grid-ironed with railroads. Luckily there is method in the mania and shrewd calculation, as iron and all railroad plant is cheaper than it has ever been. A first-class road is now about to be built from Palestine by way of Fairfield to Waco, at the cost of only $10,000 a mile. Wish the fever would break out in Louisiana. [New Orleans Times]
The Dallas Weekly Herald – March 10, 1877
Prominent Citizen Aroused, Called to His Door and Shot down in Cold Blood – The Unknown Assassin Escapes, but is Being Pursued
WORTHAM, Texas, March 2. – Our neighborhood has been electrified and horrified by the brutal assassination of one of our most respected citizens, in the person of Dr. J.S. Webb, who lived five miles east of this place, at 8 o'clock last night. He was aroused by some unknown person, and upon appearing at his door was shot down in cold blood, falling without a word. Only a glimpse of the assassin was caught as he was making his escape, and the most vigorous search has, as yet, met with no success. The cause is supposed to be an old feud of long expanse in the neighborhood, and well known to all in this section.
The Dallas Weekly Herald – May 26, 1877
The people of Freestone county will soon decide the question of local option in that county. The question presents itself squarely before them, and it will elicit a vote of all parties at all interested on either side.
The Dallas Weekly Herald – July 28, 1877
Freestone County – On Wednesday of last week, at Davids Mill, a Mr. Bugg was killed by his brother-in-law, Adams, for abusive language in reference to Adam's mother. Adams made his escape – On Saturday, the 14th, at Woodland, Mr. Haralson was killed by Mr. W.P. Johnson. The Freestone Herald did not learn the particulars. – Plenty of rain has fallen just when most needed. – The corn crop is secure and abundant, and cotton is growing finely – The district conference of the Methodist Episcopal church met in Cotton Gin on Wednesday, the 25th.
The Dallas Weekly Herald – December 8, 1877
Freestone County - Fairfield Reporter – A serious difficulty occurred at Woodland last Sunday

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