137 enter Show of Wheels

Gary Nunley, of Centerville, took home $150 and the People's Choice trophy for his 1966 Chevy pickup.

Hundreds of car enthusiasts filled the courthouse square in Fairfield Saturday for the 20th Annual Show of Wheels. The show featured a staggering 137 individual cars, trucks, motorcycles, and tractors.
In 2016 only 74 entered the show, while 125 entered in 2015. “This is the biggest ever,” said Chamber of Commerce Administrative Assistant Lisa Schick. Taking home the coveted Best of Show trophy was Jack Broussard, of Lake Charles, Louisiana. Broussard proudly displayed his royal blue 1957 Chevrolet Bel Air, taking the Best of Show win as well as Furthest Distance Traveled, Best Interior, Best Paint, Sheriff’s Choice, and $500 cash. Gary Nunley, of Centerville, was awarded the People’s Choice trophy -- sponsored by Aztec Lube & Tire -- with his cherry red 1966 Chevy pickup. Congratulations to Bence Varga, a foreign exchange student from Hungary, who designed the winning Show of Wheels T-shirt.
Other winners included:
n Mayor’s Choice -- 1962 Chevy Impala SS owned by Gary and Cathy Wright, of Marlin
n Fire Chief’s Choice -- 1955 Chevy Bel Air owned by David Grey, of Huntsville
n Police Chief’s Choice -- 1955 Ford Crown Victoria owned by George Burrow, of Huffman, Texas
n Best Ford Motor Company Entry -- 1963 Ford Falcon Ranchero owned by Mike and Patsy Dartez, of Jewett; also won the Best Engine Award
n Best GM Entry -- 1970 Chevy pickup owned by Will and Kathy Lynch, of Buffalo
n Best Mopar Entry -- 1969 Roadrunner owned by Mark Chavers, of Fairfield
n Club Participation Award -- Huntsville Cruisers had 14 participants and won $150
n Most Unusual Award -- 1946 Farmal A tractor owned by Gary Choate, of Red Oak
Class 1 Original Car Pre-1950
n Model A Coupe – 1st place Milton Sanders of Fairfield
Class 2 Original Car 1950-1959
n 1955 Ford Crown Victoria – 1st place George Burrow of Huffman, Texas
n 1957 Chevy Bel Air – 2nd place Val Fulcher of Teague
Class 3 Original Car 1960-1969
n 1969 Lincoln Mark III – 1st place David Wright of Fairfield
n 1968 Cadillac De Ville – 2nd place Chad Krause of Huntsville
Class 4 Original Car 1970-1979
n 1971 Chevelle Malibu – 1st place Ray Thomas of Jewett
n 1978 Ford Mustang King Cobra – 2nd place Karen Shoemaker of Fairfield
Class 5 Original Car 1980-1989
n 1984 Cadillac El Dorado – 1st place James Fulcher of Teague
n 1984 Cadillac El Dorado Baritz – 2nd place James Fulcher of Teague
Class 6 Original Car 2000-present
n 2008 Dodge Viper – 1st place Elder Billings of Waco
n 2002 Ford Thunderbird – 2nd place Carroll Wooten of Madisonville
Class 7 Custom/Modified 1950-1959
n 1950 Ford – 1st place Tom Pegoda of Huntsville
n 1954 Chevy Bel Air – 2nd place Jerry Rogers of Bruceville, Texas
Class 8 Custom/Modified 1960-1969
n 1962 Chevrolet Impala SS – 1st place Gary and Kathy Wright of Marlin
n 1969 Roadrunner – 2nd place Mark Chavers of Fairfield
Class 9 Custom/Modified 1970-1989
n 1986 Chevrolet Monte Carlo SS – 1st place Amador Zunigg of Marquez
Class 10 Custom/Modified 1990-present
n 1999 Plymouth Prowler – 1st place Joe Clossin of Jewett
Class 11 Original Truck Pre-1950
n 1939 Plymouth pickup – 1st place Chuck Sims of Crockett
Class 12 Original Truck 1950-1964
n 1964 Falcon Ranchero – 1st place Millie Cross of Huntsville
n 1950 Chevy pickup – 2nd place Kenneth Belt of Fairfield
Class 13 Original Truck 1965-1979
n 1969 Ford F-100 – 1st place Gordon Small of Fairfield
n 1966 Ford truck – 2nd place Tom and Carolyn Clements of Cleveland, Texas
Class 14 Original Truck 1980-1994
n 1985 Chevrolet truck – 1st place Dan German of Fairfield
n 1985 Chevy C-20 – 2nd place Shawn Grey of Fairfield
Class 15 Original Truck 1995-present
n 2013 Ford F150 XLT – 1st place Joe Cross of Huntsville
Class 16 Custom/Modified Truck 1950-1964
n 1970 Chevy pickup – 1st place Will and Kathy Lynch of Buffalo
n 1963 Ford Falcon Ranchero – 2nd place Mike and Patsy Dartez of Jewett
Class 17 Custom/Modified Truck 1965-1979
n 1967 Chevy pickup – 1st place Jon McAlexander of Trinity
n 1966 Chevy pickup – 2nd place Gary Nunley of Centerville
Class 18 Custom/Modified Truck 1980-1994
n 1987 Chevy pickup – 1st place Rocky Renfrow of Georgetown, Texas
n 1980 Chevy C10 pickup – 2nd place Sam Wright of Wortham
Class 19 Custom/Modified Truck 1995-present
n 2002 Dodge Ram – 1st place Ron Spiller of Fairfield
n 2005 Dodge Ram – 2nd place Timm Lucher of Fairfield
Class 20 Tri-Five Chevrolet 1955-1957 Original
n 1957 Chevrolet Bel Air – 1st place Amy Evans and Mae McAdams of Fairfield
n 1957 Chevrolet Bel Air – 2nd place Rocky and Christi Reed of Robinson
Class 21 Tri-Five Chevrolet 1955-1957 Modified
n 1957 Chevy Bel Air – 1st place Jack Broussard of Lake Charles, Louisiana
n 1955 Chevy – 2nd place Mike Kirsch of Teague
Class 22 Corvette 1953-1982
n 1979 Corvette Coupe – 1st place Forrest Mcmillin of Hilltop Lakes, Texas
n 1958 Corvette – 2nd place Johnny Minze of Longview
Class 23 Corvette 1983-present
n 2008 Corvette – 1st place JB and Diana Lewis of Fairfield
n 2010 Corvette Grand Sport – 2nd place Gary Wilson of Streetman
Class 24 Pony Cars 1964-1986 Original
n 1969 Chevy – 1st place John Gullo of Crockett
n 1969 Chevy Nova SS – 2nd place Bruce Longley of Montgomery
Class 25 Pony Cars 1987-present
n 2010 Mopar 10 Challenger – 1st place Gene Lewis of Cold Springs, Texas
n 2015 Dodge Challenger – 2nd place Mark H. Lanak of Cold Springs, Texas
Class 26 Pony Cars 1964-1986 Modified
n 1968 Chevy Camaro – Justin and Beth Bounds of Teague
n 1968 Ford Mustang – Tracy Betser of Fairfield
Class 27 Pony Cars 1987-present Modified
n 2011 Chevy Camaro SS – 1st place Junior Munoz of Fairfield
n 2017 Chevy Camaro SS – 2nd place TJ Kaminski of Teague
Class 28 Street Rod Pre-1950 Truck
n 1949 Truck – 1st place Shirley and Bill Brown of Richland
n Ford Model A Roadster pickup – 2nd place Carroll Embry and Bill Green
Class 29 Street Rod Pre-1950 Car
n 1932 Ford – 1st place Will and Kathy Lynch of Buffalo
n 1932 Ford Coupe – 2nd place RD Quinn of Kirvin
Class 30 Street Rod Pre-1950 Open Top T-Buckets and Roadsters
n 1929 Ford Model A pickup – 1st place Wesley and Patti Freise of Huntsville
n 1923 Ford T Bucket – 2nd place Brent Lucher of Deer Park
Class 31 Motorcycle American Stock
n 2011 Harley Iron – 1st place Joyce Watson of Fairfield
n 2005 Harley Davidson – 2nd place Ray Stuart of Streetman
Class 32 Motorcycle American Custom
n 2007 Harley Street Glide – 1st place Richard Cain of Fairfield
n 2005 Ironhorse Chopper – 2nd place James Tijerian of Buffalo
Class 33 Motorcycle Metric
n 2012 Stratoliner 1900 – 1st place Chris Whitlock of Mexia
n 2012 Honda – 2nd place Eric Lundl of Thornton
Class 34 Motorcycle Antique
n 1990 Harley Davidson Ultra Classic – 1st place Thomas Spence of Corsicana
Class 35 Competition/Race Car
n 2016 Ray Alan Dragster – 1st place Ricky Bain of Bryan
n 1963 Chevy II – Justin Bounds of Teague
Class 36 Import
n 2017 Alfa Romeo – 1st place Avi Hughes of Fairfield
n 2016 Lexus RC – 2nd place Patty Spiller of Fairfield
Class 37 Most Unique
n 1956 Austin FX London Taxi – Emma and Bob Sheard of Alvarado

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