Rob's Drive In New Chapter In Family Story

The following article was written by Sandra Phillips and published in the October 21, 1971 edition of The Fairfield Recorder.
The opening of Rob's Drive-In Grocery on Saturday morning, Oct. 23, will be the opening of a new chapter in a family success story, for the Robertson family's grocery business has grown considerably since its modest beginning in 1957. At that time C.J. bought from May Peyton the store on the corner of Keechi and Commerce. His father Carl Robertson Sr. ran the store for about a year before C.J. himself entered the business and expanded to take in the adjacent building. The Robertson's are a native family with roots firmly established in Fairfield history. Carl Jackson Robertson Sr. was born in Turlington nearly 78 years ago and attended Sugar Hill School. On Oct. 29, 1914, he married Lola Hamilton, daughter of J.W. Hamilton who was a Baptist preacher and who brought his family from Tennessee to Freestone County when Lola was 12 years old. They had two children, C.J. and Thelma who is Mrs. John Bonner. C.J. and Lovie Eva Smothers were married in Houston in 1939 and moved to Fairfield in 1945. They have four sons and five grandchildren, with a sixth grandchild expected any day. There are at present four generations of Robertson's living in Fairfield. The oldest member of these four generations is still amazingly active. Mr. Carl is “never still; always on the go.” Last Sunday, for example, he drove alone to Dallas and braved the traffic to reach the state fair, where he spent the entire day. This is a common way for him to spend a day, for he loves to be where the action is. “I don't know how he does it,” Lovie said. “I've told him that he doesn't have a child or grandchild who can keep up with him.” She said that when he retired two years ago, thinking he was too old to work anymore, he could still outwork any of them in the store.

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