Spray park met with community interest

Pictured is the splash pad met with the most community excitement. The city will find out in April 2017 if they were approved for the grant.

Photo by April Walker

Residents of all ages attended the public meeting last week regarding a possible spray park project for Fairfield. City Administrator Jeff Looney says Texas Parks and Wildlife (TPWD) offer a matching grant for this project. “It's a 50/50 grant up to $500,000,” Looney explained. The city is planning fundraisers for the matching part of the grant.

With three variations, comments were made by attendees regarding the best splash pad for Fairfield. The one chosen is approximately 3,306 square feet with a spray area of 2,148 square feet and cost $300,000. The city will have to raise $150,000.

The pad features a variety of spray attachments. Looney said the city was hoping to build on the north end of the kiddie park. “That's probably the best because of the fence and existing water and sewer lines,” Looney explained.

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