Various courthouse uses over the years

Written May 2006
Courthouse Uses
A recent inquiry from Molly Fryer at the Freestone County Museum on past uses of the courthouse and if there ever a concession stand in the courthouse hall? When advised her yes, she asked me to write on this and it’s other uses.
During the hard years of the Depression before all the government welfare programs that are available today, the Commissioner’s Court approved letting a disabled person operate a small stand. The cold drinks sold for 5 cents and candy bars for a nickel and some penny candy. Located on the first floor in the hallway near the stairs, the drinks were cooled in an old type drink box with block ice that was delivered by the iceman.
I remember best it being operated by a blind man who always impressed me with his ability to make the proper change. Over a period of time there was more than one operator but only one at a time. This must have been discontinued when things started getting better before World War II. I doubt they cleared over 50 cents a day but that was better than nothing.

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