Football sidelines, press boxes provide ‘adventures’

One of my columns on football press box conversations drew a lot of comments from editor-publishers before it ever hit their papers’ pages.
Community newspapers are often not large enough to have a “sports” editor or a staff photographer, so the job(s) become(s) a one-man-show.
Everyone has a story or two to tell about some adventures or misadventures, as it were.
In hearing some of the tales by my contemporaries, it prompted me to resurrect some past experiences in that vein.
Staffing on small newspapers often precludes having a true “professional” photographer.
Most weekly newspapers don’t have anyone whose job is strictly photography, so whoever is the designated editor-newshound-paparazzi gets to shoot sports, particularly football.
Of course, football is the Holy Grail in Texas small towns.
So, Bub, suck it up, hoist that camera bag over your shoulder, drape the 35-mm’s strap around your neck and hit the field.
And, Mama’s baby’s dash for a TD better


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